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Project Status

Toll Collection began on 595 Express Lanes

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) began collecting tolls electronically on the 595 Express Lanes Wednesday, April 9. No cash transactions are allowed. All users are charged a toll and must have a SunPass transponder and an associated pre-paid account. All motor vehicles, including trucks, are allowed to use the Express Lanes

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 Project Status

The I-595 Express Corridor Improvements Project has been divided into five construction segments, A through E, to help expedite the work. The Corridor Map below shows the location of the segments.  Each of the construction segments has up to seven major phases of work, generally starting from S.R. 84 north and south of I-595 and working toward the I-595 median.  Each major phase of construction within a segment represents a traffic shift to accommodate construction activities.

Roadway construction began in Segment C in February 2010 in the vicinity of Pine Island Road. Eastbound travel lanes on I-595 between Nob Hill Road and Davie Road were shifted in early June to their permanent location. Landscaping has been installed in the segment. Overall, Segment C is nearing 100% complete.

Construction in Segment D started in June 2010.   The installation of the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) continues in this segment. Overall, Segment D is more than 98% complete.

Segments A and B officially got underway in November 2010.   The contractor continues with the placement of asphalt within  these segments. Overall, Segments A and B are nearing 99% complete.

The final segment of the project, Segment E on Florida’s Turnpike, started in March 2011 with the construction of ground mounted sound barriers along Florida’s Turnpike both north and south of I-595. The last bridge in the entire project to be constructed and opened was in the interchange in February 2014. Segment E is more then 98% complete.

Updated March 2014 


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Construction Segments

Map of construction segments and schedule

FDOT Mission Statement

The purpose of the improvements proposed for the I-595 corridor is in compliance with the FDOT Mission Statement:

The Department will provide a safe transportation system that ensures the mobility of people and goods, enhances economic prosperity and preserves the quality of our environment and communities.